Certain challenges in the current version of our planet are making it difficult to plan and execute elaborate, in-person video shoots. Perhaps you've heard about this? The good news is that for corporate presentations, explainer videos and simple narration, animation has never been more accessible to the general public. It is a cost-effective way to turn a nap-inducing document or powerpoint into something that engages and informs your audience.

These projects start at $1000 per finished minute of video. That's for basic character animation or infographic style delivery of your existing script, including licensed music and advanced text-to-speech voiceover. Rates go up as the project gets more complex and 3rd parties (like human voiceover artists) get involved.


But, all you need is an idea to get started! Contact me here to start developing yours!

All prices are estimates and not final until contractually agreed upon.

All prices subject to local taxes and fees.